The day is finally here! Welcome to my new website!


It’s been a busy month but I’ve continued to get a bit further forward in my projects and shared plenty of conversation and adventures with interesting people!

Other than the website launch, I’m also very excited to announce my Mentoring Sessions! If you’re feeling stagnant and want to move forward, let me share from my 15 years mentoring experience, and together we can chart a little course forward while addressing some of the underlying issues.

Other happenings

Swoops's World

I was a guest on Swoop’s World’s podcast the other evening and you can listen to the recording now here.

I also talk about and my Patreon account in the video above.
You can find their links here and go read more about them on their sites.

Patreon Me


Thank You for all of your support and encouragement! There are some pretty exciting trips and idea swirling about in my brain and you all help out immensely through sharing, supporting with a few dollars a month, and writing me encouraging comments.

Thank you so much and may you have wonderfilled days! 😀