Life is a journey of more than a thousand miles, and we’re only ever always at the point of taking one step.

Of course there are a multitude of different interests, ideas, desires, calling out at us, distracting us like never before, and so maybe our one step frequently becomes part of a daily dance that can seem, from the outside, to be a fair bit of staggering about. A little wobbly in our own unique way.

We like to say we’re shaped by the love and nurturance of our early years, and that’s not untrue, but the older I get, the more I see that it is also very strongly a combination of the traumas and challenges we encountered, and how we interpreted that and/or were modeled responses by those around us. So we stagger forward in life in a dance that is both inherited from our families and culture, and has our own unique little shimmy and shake.

But it is a dance that, for all of its twists and turns, is part of a greater something. The more we dance, the more we bump into other dancers, pick up a new move or two, and can switch out something that is no longer working for us.

At some point we may even notice that we’re dancing. Notice that some parts of this are no longer working for us, & we’d like to dance differently.

May we continue to evolve and to dance our dance more each day.