The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life

Life is a journey of more than a thousand miles, and we’re only ever always at the point of taking one step. Of course there are a multitude of different interests, ideas, desires, calling out at us, distracting us like never before, and so maybe our one step...

Consume, Curate, Create: A Life With Intention

Consume, Curate, Create: A Life With Intention

How can we best live with time? What does an intentional life look like? To live life with intention we need to look at how we consume, curate, and create. These three actions have powerful impact on our existence, often without our consideration. There’s no better time than right now to align them, with intention, towards life and our creative legacy.

What is this about? (aka how did I get here: The 2017 Edition)

What is this about? (aka how did I get here: The 2017 Edition)

What is this all about? Why do I have a website? What am I doing? Here’s the answer, as of January 2017.

This website is an extension of myself: my dreams and desires. I am not content with the world as it is, and I am committed to being a part of the positive change that is possible. I connect to create change.

This blog, this site, this journey, is at it’s heart one of exploration and discovery. It is a curated collection of my experiences and encounters, as well as a place to share resources and tools developed to help you unearth and develop your own legacy.

Jordan Oram: StorytellerMentor, and Speaker.

Born and raised alongside the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada, he has a passion for finding and sharing better perspectives in our world.

Since April of 2012 he has been travelling the world as a Digital Nomad seeking to encourage awesomeness through his ebooks, social media, speaking, and mentoring.



on mountains, in conversations, in choices chosen, or let to pass.



I am fortunate to meet many an inspirational individual, and this is where I get to introduce them to you



Sometimes I think. Sometimes I write it down.