Sometimes you just need a little outside perspective.

Are you feeling personally or creatively stagnant?

Do you know there is more out there, but have a hard time figuring out a next step?

I can help.

With over 15 years mentoring experience

in locations ranging from an Outdoors Camp to a University setting

I’ve worked with hundreds of people, sharing perspectives

based upon my studies, training, and experience.

New technology allows individuals and society

to organize and arrange themselves in new ways.

The rise of the Internet, eCommerce,

Self-Education Resources, Patreon,

Kickstarter, and more,

gives us untapped opportunities to grow,

to go, and to create better lives

and better relationships.

So why don’t we?

What gets in the way?

What do you want to do about it?

Perhaps it’s time to consider some mentoring.

I’m not here to tell you what to do,

but rather to walk alongside and help guide you as you discover your own way,

your own tools, and the place your strengths, your vision, and your story combine.

I’m excited to hear from you.


Components of a Mentoring Session



We start with a one-on-one conversational assessment to help you identify your goals

Addressing Assumptions

Next we identify underlying assumptions and perspectives that are contributing to your current habits and situation.




We identify tangible activities and actions you can take to work towards your goals based upon new perspectives


Over the relatively short period of time that I have known and worked with Jordan I have been impressed by, and benefited from, his ability to generate ideas.

No matter what the project I’m working on, Jordan has been an unending fountain of encouragement.

My eyes have been opened to a new way of looking at life because of his influence. For that I am grateful.

Curtis Cunningham

Commercial/Industrial Photographer,

For awhile, I’ve been sort of aimlessly getting my creative work out there. Sending out lots of tentacles and not really knowing if it was working or what I should do next. Then enters Jordan. If you need any sort of creative counseling/mentoring, he’s your dude.

We did some face to face chatting online and I really felt like I had a legitimate sounding board for my ideas. He listened. That’s rare these days. As a creative, we are always battling insecurity and he is great at letting you know that you’re not crazy, keep pushing, and here’s a great way to do it.

I love talking to him. He has great ideas and a wonderful perspective on creativity and the world. He’s been around and I love how he just gets it. I don’t go to many people for advice, like ever. I think it’s because I know I have to do things really differently in order to make them work for me. So, in my experience, not a lot of people are able to give me advice that I like without infringing upon my unique process. Jordan is great with my unique bent on things. He convinced me to just go for some new ventures and to keep up some of the old ones.

If you’re unsure of how to get your creativity to work for you and to take the next step, or if you just need a sounding board, do some mentoring with Jordan. I will, for sure, be calling on him again.

Carrie Hilgert

Visual Artist, carrieblueberry

Little Steps Make Long Journeys

Feel free to say hello if you have any questions,

or would like to schedule a session.

(There are  limited mentoring times available due to my schedule)