Point Pleasant Battery, Halifax, Nova Scotia,

We leave behind ruins as we build into the future
Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

We exist right now, and now, and now.

We create and we discover, and we look back and ponder,
what came and went and went before.

Not too long ago this was an artillery battery during WWII. Then it was closed off by bricks and chain link fence, until the waves and the rocks, and possibly help from a few people, opened it to face the sea and smell the breeze.

It has served many purposes over the years, and seen many sights, as it faces out to the Atlantic sea.

It has likely heard more armament fire than many, some caterwauling and carousing, and harboured a few amorous individuals over the course of these years.

Many will walk by, and not see this. They will see concrete decay. Weeds sprout. Graffiti and waste.

This is the foundation of our now. It speaks silent witness to humanity and the very many lives that have swirled upon this spot.

Our world is undergirded with amazing.
Every moment a piece of magic.

Every day a delight and a gift.