Francine the Iguana

I awoke in a house with many pets. My friend Dave has taught his sons a lot about animals through the very fact that his house is full of various lifeforms. Here is Francine the Iguana. During our college years I was over studying at Dave’s house when his youngest son came running down the stairs with exciting news. They’d been to the vet with Frank the Iguana and discovered that Frank was no Frank. Oh Francine.

Brunch time

As Dave prepared brunch I prepared my thoughts for teaching a small intro to photography course. It worked well with the array of subjects. MMM tasty models. The salmon was yummy. Now I want salmon. Grr.

That evening I met up with an old flickr friend named Darrenย for some evening photowandering around Southern Victoria/Oak Bay to see what we could see. A number of locations and a multitude of memories occurred before it was time to call it a night.

Cloudy loveliness

Perch Squabble

I for one would like to welcome our alien overlords

My photoadventuring friend Darren

Meanwhile, in Oak Bay...

As the sunsets behind and over the hills to far away

A boat drifts anchored in the bay

as the day comes to a close


I wonder what we’ll see tomorrow? ๐Ÿ˜‰