Having rambled out in the west coast woods for a day it is time to amble about Victoria, the “City of Gardens”, once again. Starting with a walk through Beaconhill Park towards downtown.

The roof of St.Annes Academy framed through a few trees in the park

Totem poles outside of the Royal BC Museum

Down by the Inner Harbour. In the summer there are buskers. Darth Fiddler is definitely a favourite!

The old Customs House was built by the Federal Government shortly after BC joined the confederation. Live long and prosper.

A tall ship plies the waters

With girders from San Francisco no less!

I've never sat in that patio but I've walked under the tulip suspended canoe installation.

Does it look like a horse to you too? Good bye Blue Horsey. The Johnston Street bridge is getting replaced.

Stone and bars can't keep them out. Pernicious ferns of awesomeness.

Swans Brew Pub and Hotel

Having a pint and lunch with my father at Swans

Randomly seeing three people attempting to push start a motorcycle around the corner is an amusing sight. Also moderately awkward.

Guess which menu item I tried? It was quite tasty.

If you chose "duck burger" you're correct.That's what I chose! #MakingYoshiProud

Passing through Chinatown

The famous 'Fan Tan Alley' Originally a gambling district with restaurants and opium dens, today it is a tourist destination and Canada's narrowest street. It's only 0.9m wide at it's narrowest point.

A Chinese market

Cafe Brio on Fort Street. Fantastic food! So good.

A giant evening orb in the sky indoors


Oooh so what’s next? A group photoadventure around the Petting Zoo and heading up island into the woods for memory making at a house alongside Shawnigan Lake! See you then!