Warning Signs/Encouragement Signs
Eastbound on the TransCanada Hwy up the Fraser Valley

Sometimes the advice is great, but the timing is all wrong.

I’ve been told things before, but not ready to hear them. Some things have to germinate, bounce around, be ruminated upon, before they take hold, and grow into that ‘Aha!’ of realization.

Often times the message can be spot on, and disregarded, because I think I know better, I presume too much, and then it can bite me in the arse, and re-advise me.

Often times we want to go fast, when perhaps we should be going slower, and we want to go achingly slow, when we should be running at it with all we’re worth.

Whatever the season, whatever the moment, may we remember to look around every now and then, and take stock of our surroundings.

What signs are there for us to see?
What do our friends and wise counsel say?

In love, and with wisdom, we say to each other…

Friends who are rushing, zipping, flitting about..
Slow down. Life is short. Make the most of it.

Friends who are stalling, hesitating, hemming and hawing
Speed up. Life is short. Make the most of it.

We want these better courses for you, and for ourselves, that we might learn, and grow, and go on to even better choices around the next bend.

Where are you today?
Which season are you in right now?

As we see our tendencies, we can choose how to respond.
We can make little choices, or find better ways,
to do what we really want to.

And now I’ve hesitated enough,
and shall go delve into the things that frighten me, the things I’m slowly achingly grinding my way through.

As my friends encourage me to hurry up, to be bold, to write and process, to live and let loose these images and moments that lurk in my noggin.

Thank you, for all of the encouragement, as we go down this road together.

May the signs, your chosen companions, and your heart and mind, guide you to great goodness.

As we awkwardly move forward
at varying speeds