a photo essay (yvr – waw)

On September 3rd I’m up before sunrise. Bag packed my friend drives and drops me off at the Vancouver International Airport. Departures. I have three flights ahead of me. Vancouver to Toronto, Canada. Toronto to London Heathrow, UK. Heathrow to Warsaw, Poland. I’ll arrive in Warsaw tomorrow afternoon, and be greeted with a gigantic, long anticipated, hug from my love who I haven’t seen in around 4 months. I’ve been working and saving for this moment and it can’t come fast enough.

Let’s hurry up and get there!






Good Night



From Canada to Warsaw, Poland through seven pictures. (Yes the first photo is from Toronto.)

Next post I’ll share some of the first adventures from my ten days in Poland! Until then I’m getting settled in to the hostel here in Scotland and preparing for my next few days!

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