The Sechelt Pier
Sechelt, British Columbia

Sechelt exists on an isthmus connecting the Sechelt Peninsula with the main continent of North America. On two sides of town it connects to the pacific ocean; the Sechelt Inlet to the north side and the Salish Sea to the south.

Both waters are connected across town by Wharf Street. This pier was constructed a few years ago and sits around 15 feet from the footing from the old wharf that used to welcome goods delivered by ship up the coast from Vancouver.

Now it serves as a reminder of the past, a place for tourists to wander, and for locals to toss out a fishline or a crab trap. Come summer time a float is added off of the front to provide moorage for sea travellers looking to stop for a wander, and despite the signs advising against jumping off of it into the ocean, it may still happen a few times, a day. 😉

I took this a couple days ago when a wind warning came in and the seas picked up. Some people wait to worship the clear bright sunny days. I like the ones full of mystery, change, and wonder. That’s what called me out to sit in the cold beneath the pier, with the wind, a few cameras, and thoughts of home and abroad.

Wherever you are,
I hope you have a fantastic day,
with glimpses of wonder,
the scent of surprise,
and the knowledge that you’re full of awesome
and loved.