The ramblings of a Canadian Gingerbeard on a day for gingerbearded Canadian ramblings
aka It’s Canada Day, here’s what my brain guided my fingers to type

Looking back across history, my eyes fail to find the evidence of a perfect human system of organization. What I see is people living, striving, working, to organize around security, sustenance, shelter, and better ways of doing this.

Looking back, I see how viewpoints and technology have shifted and changed, how systems have grown and developed, how based upon choices there have been consequences.

In such a course of events, I find myself plunked down in a concept called a nation, amongst a diverse people with their own struggles and ambitions, to still find ways to find security, sustenance, shelter, and better ways of doing this.

Those who came before, have given us new tools, with which to address these old problems. They have given us the opportunity to address these old challenges with new ideas. Through them, we are where we are, and we can choose where we go.

So, I find myself, as a human on Earth, in a place called Canada, as a Canadian, looking back at what was, looking around at what is, and looking forward to what might be.

We are not just a system, concept, or a nation. We are the result of the choices made by individuals, the ideas expressed through people who voiced them, and the result of the consent (active or inactive) of the population that empowers them.

Is it perfect? No. Has it ever been? No. Is it better than it has been? Yes. Can it be better yet? Heck yes.

And we get to be a part of that.

So on this Canada Day, I thank all those who’ve come before us, who through hard work and dedication, have brought us to this point in time, with these laws, tools, and structure around us. I also invite and encourage all of my fellow Canadians to take that which has been given to us, to work, strive, converse, and engage, in making this country better yet. It is a process that we have the opportunity to participate in, with tools never before possible, to address issues old and new, in the search for yet better ways.

So please won’t you consider the ways you are a part of making this world more awesome, thank you for what you’re doing, and come join me on this journey of crafting what will one day be.

Thank you for your time, your support, your encouragement,

May you be encouraged, and have a fantastic Canada Day.

And tomorrow let’s get back to work on creating more awesomeness 😉