the look
crocuses in Sechelt, British Columbia, seen while on a walk visiting my Mom

There are rhythms in our dynamic world.
Things dormant burst forth once more
to shout out
a riot of colour
a welcome vision
a welcome visitor for a brief time

Crocuses aren’t the most flashy of flower.
They aren’t as fancy as a Bird of Paradise
but they are magical in their appearance into the empty void
the landscape will change
it always does
soon flowers will festoon many a gaze
they will clamour for our attention
many will be missed

Here’s to the humble crocus,
who gets notice not by being the flashiest
nor the most prolific,
but by getting it done,
getting it out there,
before everyone else.

And now I’m encouraged to get back to work.

I hope you have a great day, and bloom marvelously in your time, place, and space.