Every day is rife with possibility. What if we were to turn right instead of left at those lights? What if we miss one bus and catch another? This journey of mine is full of ever-greater growing awareness of such happenings. At times it can be a little daunting but as I go to sleep under my sleeping bag on a couch, floor, or bed, I look back upon my day with wonder, and close my eyes with anticipation for what I will discover the next day.

This day I woke up on a couch a number of kilometers out of Victoria after having attended an unexpected invitation to a friend’s house party at a lake. A good start followed by blueberry pancakes, cleaning up the house, and finding a way back to the city. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the adventures of Hula Dog soon enough. 😉

This watch was likely left behind after the "midnight sauna to lake run, jump, and scream" event. I hope it eventually became reunited with its owner.

After finding my way into town I met up with Tyson Elder (a ponderer and wanderer of great skill as well as a musician/show photographer) (www.tysonelder.org) for some food and adventure!

I love that they use a stopper top awesome bottle as a water carafe for people's tables! So good!

I met Tyson through Flickr a few years ago when living in Victoria. We’d commented on each others photos for a few months when we randomly bumped into each other next to the gates of Chinatown.

Here is that very photo (as found through the magic of Flickr’s search function on my flickr account 😉 )

He is now older, wiser, and beardier. So we went for pizza in Cook St Village

He chose the better pizza. I tried anchovies because I never had before. They're not bad... really salty.. I'll try them again in a different dish.

He was house sitting for his parents so I was unprepared for, and blown away when, seeing this when I sat down in the van.

Hula Dog!

So not only are we going on an adventure… but we’re taking Hula Dog, and the gang, on an adventure out of Victoria to the Esquimalt Lagoon. Here we go.

We took the puppies for a drive by the Inner Harbour and the Empress Hotel

Up Douglas Street past tandem bikers, amongst buildings old and new

Look Hulu Dog! It's City Hall!

Hello Chinatown!

Taking the dogs across the Johnston Street bridge into Vic West

Into the woods and towards Esquimalt Lagoon

Here's a final shot of the happy gang at the beach having arrived at the Esquimalt Lagoon.

What did we see there? Well…

Ok this photo wasn't taken at the beach 😉 It was taken later in the night at my friend Dave's house where we watched another hockey playoff game. The Vancouver Canucks ended up getting eliminated from the play offs so we participated in a tradition.

We went and lit things on fire

We went and lit things on fire.. a grand end to quite a diverse day.