The sun has set and we find ourselves walking back downtown towards the British Columbia Provincial Legislature. It is a well shot and interesting building but my first stop my surprise many, as I head towards the fountain at the back.

I prefer this fountain at the back of the Legislature to the one in front. I recommend checking it out when you visit. Many people miss it.


Seagulls atop the fountain's centrepiece

Seals encircle the base of the centre statue and four other statues circle the fountain representing different BC Native groups


Going around to the front we find the classic view of a lit up Legislature. You may not know that there is a 007 room in the basement. Shaken, not stirred?

The lights in the water's motion. The front fountain is a popular attraction so.. here's what it looks like

Captain Vancouver stands atop the main building and shines forth for all to see. More so in daylight 😉

Before we leave the Inner Harbour at night lets turn around and look at that rather large and interesting statue they made of Emily Carr, and her monkey (and dog)

She's a lady.. oh whoa whoa.

Time to head back to Cook St Village and the end of Day 1. Oh and use care setting your camera in the street for long exposures 😉