Because we all start somewhere.
bonus feature: you get to hear what I sound like just after I wake up. Morning voice much? Note to self: wake up more before recording voice stuff

As much as the adventures look awesome, the foundation for the rambling, discovering, and niftyness, is all built up in the unromanticized doings of the day to day: in the living and the learning, in the relationships we build and grow, and in skills and abilities we develop and nurture.

It is easy to put the challenge off for ‘someday’ but the reality is that every day is a challege to be lived, during this season of our journey.

So what season are you in? And how can we help each other to keep trying, and growing, and going?

Everyone who succeeds, is someone who has failed, and kept going.
I forget and re-remember that often lol

The Adventurous Life of the Maplemusketeer

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ps: Go Pro timelapse #1 now officially done. They’ll get better from here on out

pps: shaved!

It doesn't last long