Day Two in Victoria starts with tea with my Dad.

Morning tea with my father

Flowers come out earlier in Victoria. One of the first places in Canada to burst into colour every year

Lamb, beef, tomato, feta, and Louisiana tzatziki = mmmhm.

Then after lunch it was time to go for a walk up Cook Street past different apartments and houses to the workplace of an old classmate to head out of town to his house to watch a hockey playoff game with his family and pets.

Cook Street is encased at points under the sweeping branches of Horse Chestnut trees. I've often been amused by how the power lines pierce the branchy foliages.

One of the things I quickly noticed in Victoria is that the city is full of runners. Some solitary, some a type of pack animal. All on the move. My Dad says he likes to pretend they’re thieves on the run. I’m sure it adds to the amusements of the day. For me? I always get Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind” playing in my head when I see a runner. I heard it a lot during these days in Victoria.

Be careful when you encounter a running pack in their natural environment. No large motions or eye contact. I also give them the right of way.


Heading out to the West Shore with my classmate Dave along one of my old work commutes

Potato chips in low light. Passed around between friends and family. Rippled for dipping.

A dreamcatcher catching the sun as the night rolls on amidst laughing and goodnesses

Next post I head out to the real west coast where the open pacific crashes and washes the coastline. I’ll be exploring the rainforest around China Beach and Mystic Beach with my friend Nicole! Great goodness! 😀