Sight and vision.
Ideas and imaginations.

To create, to dream, to wonder.

Often these don’t seem the most practical of abilities.
Often friends and family wonder what the expletive it is that I do.
How will I survive? What is the purpose of my journey?

And I wonder too sometimes.
But then I move on, and continue to do what I must.

To wander and to wonder. To share the idea that there is more going on out there than we know. To tell those who know what I know, and feel what I feel, that they aren’t alone in this.

To realize that my value is not in the dollars and cents of today, but in the legacy of thought, action, and steps that I’ll leave behind.

And so I must go.

To find the infinite cosmos in a curbside reflection, and to go beyond.

(Thanks for being a part of my adventure and life 🙂 May you all have a most wonderful day. May you strive and see, wander and wonder, and find the resolve and understanding to carry on. I’m better for having met you)

The Maplemusketeer