Sometimes we miss the tree for the forest
Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec

Life is full of details
we have more distractions then ever before
calling us by name

Before we know it
we are in cruise control
running and breathing
to try
for survival
amidst what can feel like a crazy train
running amok

We get caught
staring at the forest
long and dark and daunting
chaotic and primeval

but the forest consists of trees

a single tree
is not as daunting

a single step
not as difficult

learning to let the forest go
looking to see the trees
we can find the beauty
amongst our journey

you have a tree before you
right now
unlike any other that
ever has been
ever will be again

root and grow
grow and spread
leaf and fall
to pass away

to be apart of what comes

Forests can be daunting
trees not as much

Journeys can be daunting
Life can be daunting

but the steps not _as_ much

Along these steps we find others
who will walk with us a step
or a season
or a life time

our paths will meander
come together for a time
perhaps cross and cross again

this is an adventure
a saga
your story
being unfolded
and unfurled

Many stories.
Greater than any forest.
Greater than any fear.

We are joining forces,
coming together in collaborative works
of heroic expression

like driving kids to school
(because one day those kids will be our adults)

like building the buildings
(that will provide shelter for a time for those living and working)

like taking a photo
(that will resound upon the eye of a stranger and cause them to dream a dream of wonder never imagined)

like singing a song
(that will drop into an ear, form a home, and birth a movement)

Whatever it be
Your next step
is a part of our story
and that’s pretty f%#$ing awesome.

So thank you,
for taking your next step
and your next breath
and being you

ps I <3 trees