Shelter for the night
Porteau Cove, British Columbia

There’s the literal interpretation, and there’s the reality of finding a warm safe place for the passing of the cold, dark, lonely evening.

Then there’s another layer beyond that for me. This was only taken a week and a half ago, on an afternoon/evening photoadventure with Cameron SiguenzaSinead Sam McKeown, and Kate Siobhan Havercroft, up Howe Sound north of Vancouver. It was a few hours that were so very fun, memorable, fulfilling, sharing, and wonderful. It is memories and moments like this, that bring me shelter through my cold, dark, lonely times.

It is life lived, and life shared.

I was asked earlier today what it was like to travel across the country all alone and I told the inquisitive questioner that although I was physically alone, and some times were more strugglesome than others, I also felt that many people were along with me too; friends old and new.

And so it is that I find shelter in the night.
And offer it to you as well.

With gratitude that goes far deeper, and more heartfelt, than I can ever express through word, image, or deed.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m a hugger 🙂
And may you have a great day, unlike any ever experienced before, or that will happen again.

Life lived. Love danced. Time spent, well.

Porteau Cove, British Columbia

Dusk falls at Porteau Cove, British Columbia