I used to love watching Saturday Morning cartoons.

And I remember being blown away when Launchpad McQuack (from Ducktales) became the sidekick/regular on Darkwing Duck. They can do that?

I was blown away.

It clearly laid the groundwork for my stoke when Worf appeared on Deep Space Nine.

Oh Saturday mornings.. it’s been awhile since I got my geek on. Thanks for always being there for me.

I think I need to go find a cape.
Or a stick/sword and a garbage lid/shield.
Or just revel in the gift of imagination that we all have inside of us, waiting to burst into flame again.

May you all have a wonderfilled Saturday 🙂

ps Cormorants are awesome birds. When drying their wings I’m always reminded of little dragons.


pps this really is a Saturday morning special! 😉