Purple flowers give a wet and wonderful greeting on a rainy day

I meet with a friend recently recovered from two broken ankles and we set out. It’s raining, but not a lot. Just the amount that makes others stay inside for fear of the fate of the Wicked Witch of the East. These are good days to ramble and discover. My friend is delighted at finally being able to walk again and appreciates every person she sees run by. Life has an interesting way of teaching us through those hard times we wouldn’t pick. What do purple flowers and psychedelic pandas have in common? They’re both appearing in this blogpost.

The Panda compels you

Our wander takes us to Dallas Road and a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca obscured by the cloud and moisture. Many would say poor weather for seeing sights. Here’s what we saw.

A gull, a guitar, a river otter with a penchant for the sea

From the beach we cross the road and enter the Ross Bay cemetery. To wander and ponder about processes and perceptions.

Life is lived in the moments. We face rainy days and choices. Busted ankles and rehabilitation make way for a wet wander of wonder wherever one goes.

Thanks for sharing a grand walkabouts with me Sophia. May you continue to walk and dance and dream. As may we all 😀