Our world is full of amazing places.

And I want to find them.
And I want you to find them.

So lets take pictures, find stories, and share them with each other!

Right outside all of our backdoors there is an adventure beckoning. I say this because my backyard here is in the west coast temperate rainforest, but I’d be surprised if more than a handful of people who ever read this will ever set foot in it. None of you will likely see the top fence rail that the bear used to knock over frequently until Grandpa moved the bird feeder. You wont see the racoon that ran along that fence to make its way into the cherry tree.

15 minutes walk across town we get to Trail Bay; the Pacific Ocean. In High School we went on runs along the path and never really took time to notice the view. Here’s what happens when we do.

The Sechelt Pier juts out into Trail Bay on the Pacific Ocean

To me this is a regular sight. To many locals who grew up here it is also a regular sight, and therefore quickly passed through thought. But it is amazing.

 To search the area is to discover the historic links to the present. As the tide goes out pilings and concrete from the old wharf come into view.

As dusk approaches, the mood changes.

and as the lights of Nanaimo shine out across the Strait of Georgia in the Salish Sea… a transformation is complete. Perhaps even locals can see with new eyes, the wonders that surround our everyday.

Wonder lurks everywhere


What wonders and sights are in your backyard? in your local area? Please share links to your adventures  and comment down below 🙂