Jesse is an amazing musician, and a full time university student working towards a science degree.
You’ll meet him soon 😉

Time to wake up

Day one in Nanaimo I wake up but don’t want to make much noise because Jesse is sleeping in his bedroom. He got home around 6am from his first shift at a local lumber mill. This means I’m going to have to try to stealth mode prepare my tea. Boiling water sounds loud in an empty house.

Tea is drank, journalling occurs, and I edit photos while the Jesse sleeps.

He awakes, and heats up some amazing soup that he and his roommate love to make.

Hi Jesse!

If you’d like to hear his music and see where to follow him check out 🙂
I’m also excited to announce that he’s got a physical EP coming out fairly soon too! 😀

We’re going to eat lunch out on the porch now, before going to find some adventure…

I dropped my spoon in the soup accidentally. I figured out what that hole is for..

Now that we’re done…. where shall we go in Nanaimo?

The things you find on the side of the road…