After a 45 minute ferry crossing of Howe Sound I always look forward to getting my stride going in the no-holds barred competition of disembarking the ferry, jockeying for position with the other passengers, and exiting the terminal. Usually I am trying to be one of the first to board the public transit bus heading to downtown Vancouver, but for this trip across the city something else was planned. A friend awaited.

Outside the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

I first met Daniel many years ago when we worked at a summer camp together. Since then we’ve gotten together to talk about favourite tv shows, metaphysics, and to drink copious amounts of yerba mate. He lives in Vancouver and agreed to have lunch and conversation with me as I travel from Horseshoe Bay to Tsawassen ferry terminal on the other side of Vancouver.

Lunch time

Troll’s Restaurant is a classic Horseshoe Bay restaurant known for its fish and chips. We had a fun server and Daniel enjoys saying the word “pie” often.

They didn't have Coke but he was ok with Pepsi

I had a great salad with candied pecans, feta cheese, and a balsamic reduction. On this trip I’m challenging myself to try tastes I wouldn’t normally or haven’t yet. So might as well start with a salad. Though Daniel expressed concern for me with such a choice!

candied pecans, feta cheese, cranberries, and a balsamic reduction = yummy times


After lunch we went for a little amble about a local park.

there's a rescue boat in the background

Daffodils and sailboats

Now with that done… it’s time to drive through Vancouver