Day one in Victoria BC on the west coast of British Columbia. I awaken on a futon in my Dad’s living room in Cook Street Village. This will be my base camp for the next two weeks in the capital region. Let’s start with amble downtown to see what we will see.

Basecamp for my Victoria leg of the journey. The two prints flanking the centre were created by my Dad's friend, and Haida artist, Alvin Child

The Wall outside of St.Annes Academy

Flowers are out and about, the rain does not dampen their spirits

A lady bugged monkey puzzle!

The blossoms flourish on many trees on many streets

Douglas Street Crossing

There are a plethora of doors and types to be seen about a city.. here's one of them

Glass reflections and wooden spider webs

This is one of my favourite buildings in Victoria

There are smatterings of old buildings about town. Some get tapped for reinvigoration. Others descend never to rise again.

Catching up with a coworker and having her add some nuance to the Christ Church Cathedral steps as we pass by

When catching up with old friends and talking about vision, strengths, passions, and awesomeness, it helps to have honking big cookies