Happy Canada Day

What is Canada? It is many things to many people, as well as a question I had to grapple with when it came time to pick an image to post today.

Here is my choice.

Here is not only what my Canada is,
but also what it can be.

Past, Present, and Future.

Kanata – ‘Village’ or ‘Settlement’ in the Iroqouian language first encountered by Jacques Cartier in 1535.

I’m reminded that we are all a village now. A Global Village (as popularized by Canadian Marshall McLuhan).

And when I read the word “settlement” above I’m reminded of the alternate meaning “an agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict”. I’m reminded of Canada’s once high international regard as a nation of peace keepers, mediators, and problem solvers, in the model of our 14th Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, who is considered to be the ‘father of peacekeeping’ and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a vision, much like many nowadays, somewhat muddled by party politics and self interest. A shame.

I am proud, in my often quiet way, to be Canadian. I also acknowledge, unlike many, that nations do many ugly things, and it is because I do value this concept called Canada, that I strive to be a part of it becoming something more, something better, as the brightest of my forebears saw it could be.

It is an honour for all of us to walk in the footsteps of those who bore the burden to bring us to this today, that we might live today, and create a better world for those who follow us.

I’m a part of this thing we call Canada. It is an amalgam of many things, and many dreams, for many people. It is more than the sum of its parts. It is a work in progress, and a striving for a better life for all, for we are a global village, and we are all neighbours.

This isn’t my day. It’s our day. And one day when I have something resembling  a house, and something resembling a patio, you’re all invited over for a cold one, and as many stereotypes as you can handle 😉

I’m now going to be so utterly Canadian and abashedly disappear after this heartfelt outburst 😉 ttyl