Farewell to the mainland! Vancouver Island, here I come.


Pull in the anchor, raise the sail, and off we go! Or something like that 😉

It takes approx. 1h 45m to cross the Salish Sea from the Tsawassen to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal.


I travelled across on the "super ferry" the Spirit of Vancouver Island

The first section of the crossing is through the open waters of Georgia Strait.


Then you enter Active Pass and the Gulf Islands.


I’ve ridden through these waters in a variety of conditions and today it was rather enjoyably gusty out.


Weather wonders

Weatherful days are wonderful days!


Doing the cattle waiting dance to disembark and head for the bus aimed for downtown Victoria, BC.

And now we bus down the Saanich Peninsula towards downtown Victoria

It can be difficult trying to be out of the way when you're a large ginger with a large backpack

The setting sun smacks me in the face as we pass down roads I've not seen in awhile

Elk Lake

The changing landscape

Entering downtown Victoria

I have arrived, like Captain Cook's statue, in downtown Victoria. Time to officially kick off this Adventure of Awesomeness