ever onward into the unknown
Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

I get ideas for what to do next, I send off emails, things work out as they do, and then I search for more ideas/ways to work towards my dreams and visions.

Right now it’s working on figuring out my return trip west. I get creative, get challenged, and rise above it through putting myself out there and pushing through the fears. For me that is the hardest part. Taking the step and putting myself out there. After that it is what it will be, and not hearing back from people, or getting turned down, doesn’t knock me hard, because I know that I’ve tried, and done my best, done the thing that scared me, and then look around for the next idea.

It is really not that comfortable. But it is good. And so now, I once again aim higher and in a slightly different direction, because I see a bit farther than I did yesterday, and I can dream a little higher that I did yesterday. It still feels like charting a boat through sketchy waters in the fog, but that’s probably pretty apt for my being on the East Coast right now….

I hope I get some fog down by the water one of these days so I can go take some pictures in it. Our world is amazing.

Thank you all for your encouragement, support, random messages out of the blue, and the love. It’s shining back your way as well 🙂