Boarding at Langdale Ferry Terminal

Walking onto the Queen of Surrey


I boarded the 12:20pm ferry at Langdale on the Sunshine Coast. I’ve caught this ferry many times since conception, but only a few times has it been when leaving for an undetermined amount of time. Only a few times has it truly been an adventure into the unknown. I can think of a handful, and they all changed me. My first time crossing the water to drive to Hope to volunteer at a summer camp. Driving across to head to a mentoring program I was to volunteer with in the US, only to be denied entry at the border, and then to head into a winter in a cabin in the woods. Leaving to fly to South Africa for the most challenging and growing 3 months of my life. Often it seems we who are born and raised on the coast will leave to discover, adventure, and ramble. I know I’ll return to visit. I know that one day I’ll be looking out the opening ferry doors at the Langdale Ferry Terminal welcoming me back to the Sunshine Coast.

But that is not now.

On the Queen of Surrey

Crossing Howe Sound under clouds

The crossing is fairly calm. A light rain descends, there is a chill to the air, and snow can still be seen on the mountains. I always do a few laps of the vessel’s outside deck to see what can be seen, and to enjoy what can be enjoyed. Many people stay down where it is warm, and that is definitely a warmer choice! I’ll go return to them after a little while.

This goes up to one of the bridges on these double ended ferries

Reflecting on the Queen of Surrey

 past Passage Island

Looking out of Howe Sound into the Strait of Georgia


Heading back below deck I ran into the father of one of my good high school friends. We talked about the future and plans, adventures and hijinx. I always run into at least 2 people I know well enough to talk to, and usually 3 or more other people I recognize, anytime I ride the ferry across Howe Sound.

Unlike the schematic for the Enterprise..

Everybody needs a plan

I have too much, but I'll be modifying as I go along

All of my gear for the unforeseen future

Looking out the back window now I say goodbye to Anvil Island and Howe Sound. Farewell for a time.

Ciao for now

Anvil Island out the read window

As the ferries for Nanaimo and Bowen Island move about

Approaching Horseshoe Bay and the Lower Mainland

Next post I disembark to meet up with my old friend Daniel Klassen. We’ll be getting a bite to eat in Horseshoe Bay at an old established restaurant and patoodling around for a bit before taking off through Vancouver to get to the Tsawassen Ferry Terminal and my second ferry of the day!

What do you think of the format? Do you have any questions or comments?

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement! May you have a wonderfilled weekend and make the most of your moments!