My eBook Crossing Canada with the Maplemusketeer is now out! It’s 437 pages long, full of photos with a bit of writing, and it’s free/pay what you want.

Why? Because my whole purpose in the trip, and my passion in life, is encouraging awesomeness. It’s in seeking to find and model better ways of working together, collaborating, and building a more kick ass world by starting with ourselves, and each other.

This book is free because I want you to share it with anyone you think might enjoy it, but more so, might be encouraged by it. People who have great abilities and desires, but get caught up by the fears and uncertainties.

This book is the result of my being afraid, and uncertain, and moving onward a step at a time.

I’m also sharing this because I have greater ideas, and Patreon can really help, you can really help, make them a reality.

Patreon allows for people who resonate with what I do, to provide regular support (in my case as little as $1 month), so that I can keep creating and unleashing my art, my vision, and my ideas into being.

You can directly download the book here and share this link with anyone who might like it, or you can also download it on the Patreon page after the click through.

I’m going to keep going, and keep striving to encourage awesomeness in bigger and better ways. There will be more volumes released that look more in-depth into the people and places I went. There will be features on some of those people: their stories and artistry. I’m developing a monthly live web-show, a website overhaul, and online hosting for these stories.

Dream big my friends, and as long as you keep taking little steps, you’ll get places you never imagined. I crossed the 2nd largest country in the world, by backpack, starting with $250. What might you do?

Vancouver Island Exploration Into the Forest Heading for the Hills A Prairie Sunset