China Beach is at the start of the Juan de Fuca trail in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. It runs along the south western shore of Vancouver Island across from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State and offers a great look at some pacific western terrain. Every time I find myself walking these paths and beaches I count myself among the most fortunate.

But first we have to get there.
We depart Victoria and head west towards Japan and the open ocean.

Through rainforest..

Heading out west the roughly 70km to the start of the Juan de Fuca trail

and alongside the ocean in the town of Jordan River (which incidentally is the river my first name derives from).

Passing the ocean by Jordan River

We pull into the park’s entrance and head towards the parking lot

Off of the highway we enter Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

In the parking lot we go over supplies and adventuring questions before hitting the information at the trailhead

There are large kitties in these woods

Now we depart for the beach through the damp woods and tall trees

They grow'em large in this region

A grotto forms underneath the support of a tree root

So I enter and emerge with a changed perspective of awe and wonder


Salmon Berry blossoms bloom and to berry soon enough

Arriving down at China Beach


All of a sudden Nicole shouts “river otter” and I have a brief moment to snap off this photo. Much like a blurry Sasquatch or Cadborosaurus we now have a blurry image of the China Beach river otter.

Including elusive track prints

This photo gives you scale for that last image. That is a rather large mussel shell!

We draw near to the dripping wall at the end of the beach keeping an eye on the tide while we consider whether to explore around the corner or not. We decide to go around the corner as the tide retreats momentarily.

Crossing Pete Wolf creek. We'll come explore it more later πŸ˜‰

We end our China Beach shore exploration with this awesome little grotto. Note the tree/stump insanity coming down out of the ceiling of the grotto!

Having journeyed as far along the beach as the tide will allow we have no recourse but to end our trip right? Sure… except for that creek we crossed a bit ago…. what do you think we might find up there?

Come on.. it’s pretty nifty πŸ˜‰

Nicole is a great photographer as well as an awesome adventurer! Check out her photography at

Time to head downstream and back towards the sea, the trail, and lunch at the parking lot before...

Found on a tree near the creek

I don't think they'll be making coffee anytime soon..

I hope you enjoyed rambling China Beach with us! We’re going to have a little break at the parking lot before we continue our journey and head further down the Juan de Fuca trail towards Mystic Beach.

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