I really like Beaconhill Park. Minutes from downtown Victoria it offers a wide array of things to do. There are playgrounds, ponds, forests, hills, views, ocean walks, and a diverse blend of indigenous and exotic plants. This day I was joined by several local Victorians and their kids for a photoadventure around the Beaconhill Petting Zoo!

The youngest participant of our photoadventure was very keen on using his little digital camera! Kids see the world in a different way. It's great to observe them and see what they notice and check out.

This little piggy is quite preganant.

I lived a block and a half away from the park for the two and a half years I went to college in Victoria. You can definitely hear the peacocks from there. I can do a fairly good impression now.

You'd make an expression like this as well if you always had people gawking and taking pictures while you bathe 😉

If they cross-breed....

The peahens keep an eye out

The goats were hatching a plot against the peacocks. Little did they know they were being spied upon..

The shaggy miniature pony keeps its head down.

the jackass

The first rule is not to talk about the petting zoo

Those are some healthy chompers. #RespectTheGoat

It takes a certain confidence to strut on the rooftops

The end(s)