Food in the belly and sitting alongside a friend it is time to drive across Vancouver towards the ferry to Vancouver Island.

Oh the things that we shall see, and the ways my mind will wander.

ok technically this is in Burnaby I think...

Driving through the Greater Vancouver Regional District really gets me thinking about the function and life of a city and region. Passing through the residential area where people live makes me muse about how they ornament or personalize their living spaces.

Who shall not pass!!

Cities are built upon layers and layers of infrastructure that facilitates travel and interaction. How great is the time saving by this over/underpass? Cities are a type of wonder to me.

As we drive out of the city we cross through an industrial section built alongside the water ways. Transportation takes many forms, and there are so many different demands and needs for the infrastructure to respond to. Vancouver has grown rapidly over the years as a port city and a hub for commerce between North America and across the Pacific Ocean to many destinations, especially Asia.

Sometimes it’s better to go under the water via tunnel. Here we pass a bus taking people to various locations. The city as seen via it’s road system. One aspect of the flowing, pulsing, organism of construct and concept.

head into the light!

We emerge from the George Massey Tunnel under the Fraser River to find ourselves passing through the fields of Ladner.

Deltaport stretches out into the Salish Sea near the Tsawassen Ferry Terminal. Both are built on the years of silt and debris deposits that undergird a number of communities built around the Fraser River.

And finally.. we arrive.

Though as my ferry isn’t due to depart for another hour or so, Daniel and I shall go find an adventure lurking nearby 😉