It’s Tuesday. 4:36pm. I sit on the couch of a house of 4 guys in Winnipeg.

That sounds like either a generic band name, or a canceled CBC show about a band with a generic name. Water that has been nearly boiled is in my thermos, and my guampa rests within hands reach as I type this text onto my computer. A light wind moves the branches outside, as seen through the window of this airconditioned abode. It’s hot outside. Hot like Winnipeg in July. I’m a west coastal rainforest man. A ginger no less. More reason for me to sit and type and work on my next photobook while drinking tea.

Moments these. Passing and fleeting. Taking a pause to write down a place, or snap a shutter to grasp a frame of vision, acts as an anchor to our memories and a guide to our journey.

We should do this more often.