5 minutes further down the road
Fisherman’s Reserve, Nova Scotia

While in the park, at the beach, looking at the kiosk map, I saw a long jetty depicted stretching out into the ocean. It was 5 minutes down the road, in the opposite direction from where we were heading.

What we found was an incredible assortment of bait shacks, old buildings, fishing boats and fishing traps, seagulls, and beauty.

There are stories upon stories that surround our every choice; that surround our every moment.

Someone apologized to me once that we weren’t able to go on any ‘big adventures’ when I was visiting. Instead we walked to the corner store. For me, that was a wonderfully big adventure. From the layers of history behind the knowledge of animal domestication, food processing, delivery systems, and currency, to the stories of the people behind the counter, the family owning the store, the people passed en route to the store.

Life is the big adventure. It’s happening right now, and not tomorrow, and not yesterday. We are in the midst of it always.

When you’re done this adventure. The one right now. There’s another one waiting, just 5 minutes down the road.