The woods always welcome me home
Up Chilliwack River, Outside of Chilliwack, British Columbia

Nature offers solace, complex simplicity, order, contemplation, and wonder.

Our lives feel complicated, our relationships challenge us, inspire us, intimidate us, and make us more.

I think this is part of why nature plays such a strong role for so many. It is there without judgement, without concern or care, without anthropomorphization (giving it human characteristics).

It doesn’t matter how many tasks we’re juggling, how many deadlines we have, how stressed we are. The natural world is indifferent. Absolutely indifferent.

And that can be a great solace.

A place, for a time, to just be.

A natural balm for many of life’s ills

ps. This photo was taken while sharing a cold morning with friends, for whom I’m thankful. +Karin Nelson and +Cameron Siguenza both made these motions and places a multiple times more memorable. And I am thankful.

Near where eagles feast