What am I doing?

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I’m travelling about, using my strengths in pursuit of my passion, which happens to be empowering people to discover and rock out their passions and strengths!

I teach, I speak, I ramble and adventure. I take photos and share stories highlighting our interesting journey.

I invite photoadventures, guitarties, creative potlucks, and collaborative awesomeness for those who are interested in discovering and exploring the opportunities of life lived well.


    • Discovering the wonder that is all around via our cameras
    • Ambling and conversation interspersed with photography tips and tricks
    • Much laughter and an increase in perspective and awareness
    • Let’s get out and explore the incredible around your local area!


    • Have an old guitar/instrument sitting around?
    • Want to knock the dust off and make some music?
    • Forgotten how to play those chords? Want a refresher?
    • I’ve performed at community events, coffee houses, house concerts, and regularly on stage.
    • But my favourite place to be is in a small setting, teaching, sharing, learning, and laughing.
    • Let’s do it and bring together musicians of all skill levels for fun, merriment, and community!

Creative Potlucks

We are incredible people. We all have skills, some similar, some vastly different, that can be shared. Creative potlucks are about bringing all of these things together that we might grow, share, and learn.
    • Bring creations of food, construct, drawings, carvings, and more
    • Share song, story, poetry, acting, dance, and more.
    • Have teaching times for different people to share their knowledge.
    • As a group we create a unique experience of time and place, of our skills and strengths.
    • We make memories that will last a lifetime.
We all have skills we can teach and share. We all have lessons yet unlearned. Our world is ripe with possibilities and new ways to participate, create, and live awesomely.
I foster these experiences and encourage us of us to continue to develop better ways of living life.