What people are saying about Jordan Oram:

Dr.Jessie Voights of

“Jordan is an extraordinary teacher. He’s worked with the teens in our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program and excels at leading, listening, and helping everyone to learn – and feel comfortable together. Jordan also is our Photography Faculty member, and has done an extraordinary job teaching not only the basics of photography, but how to look at any situation with an “eye” that can capture the essence of a scene. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat!”


Geoff Gould, SEED Internship Director, Camp Squeah

One of my earliest memories of Jordan Oram was in 2003 (before I lent him my 4×4 truck to drive to Swaziland).  We shared the experience of rappelling down a 107 metre cliff face alongside Howick Falls in South Africa. He was leading 30+ Canadian university students on a Conflict Resolution studies program in South Africa, and I was providing some adventures. He interacted very well with my Zulu Assistant Guides!  A very memorable occasion was observing his playful passion teaching them how to play a tune by clapping near their open mouth and bouncing air into it – a skill they honed for years afterwards!  In return they taught him some Zulu dancing!

In 2010 as we began to create the SEED Internship at Camp Squeah (in BC, Canada) his skills were again available!  During the program’s inception we brainstormed ideas together. He then came and taught photography, shared his particular perspective on life, and helped guide a canoe down the Fraser River (for World Rivers Day) through a sudden squall with grace and great Viking attitude! This spring on his Cross-Canada trip he stopped by and gave 2 full days to create 3 six-minute slideshows, with musical accompaniment, for our SEED Graduation Celebration!  We are so very grateful for his tremendously varied giftedness, and were blessed by him sharing it so generously with us.

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