Who am I?

Born and raised in the West Coast’s temperate rainforest I’ve spent over a decade working with youth and young adults in a variety of settings and countries. From teaching outdoor education and leading trips in the wilderness of British Columbia, to facilitating community discussions as a Team Leader for a University’s Travelling Mentoring Program, I’ve had many adventures and look to discover and share more as I make my way around this giant blue planet we call home.

I’m a writer, photographer, speaker, mentor, program consultant, and adventurer.

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Maplemusketeer explores places

Deep in the terrestrial jungle of Butterfly World

I’m still dreaming, thinking, teaching, learning, pondering and wandering around exploring what life holds out before me, with camera in hand and curiosity barely in check.

My name is Jordan Oram and I’m the Maplemusketeer, your dashing Canadian Adventurer 😉